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2700-PC Tutor

pc tutor final.jpg

Educational software on learning basic computer knowledge for DOS

2701-Floppy Disk with Liza Loop Documents


Various computer files; correspondence between Liza Loop and various parties

2702-Choosing Software for You and Your Family

beta side.jpg

An instructional video by the Lo*op Center on how to choose the right software and where to obtain said software legally.

2703-Putting your Computer Together, An Instructional Video by LO*OP Center

beta front.jpg

Video covering putting together an Atari computer (likely Atari 800XL)

2704-ComputerTown: Bringing Computer Literacy to Your Community

comp front.jpg

ComputerTown background and mission to bring computer literacy to everyone, anywhere. Mission to bring public access computer literacy to your…

2705-Creative Publications Computer Orientation III


Computer Literacy, Atari education, cartridge vs diskette, Computer Curriculum Corporation (CCC) present about computers - hardware and software- for…

2706-Creative Publications Computer Awareness II + Computer News I-20

II front.jpg

Video of a news broadcast about computers in the classroom. This tape also features the second class on Computer literacy, in a series of videos about…

2707-Creative Publications Computer Awareness I

comp front.jpg

Video of first class on Computer Literacy in a series of videos about Computer Awareness. The class is taught by Liza Loop.

2708-Recording of Computer Class

real front.jpg

Liza Loop instructing a class of adults and children about putting together an Atari 800XL system at a library. Video shows both demonstration and…

2709-"Don't Bother Me, I'm Learning."

2709_Don't bother me.png

A video about computer education for children in schools; part of a recording of televised figure skating program, "An Evening with Champions"…

2710-Buying Stocks with a Computer and Learning to Use a Computer


Video of a man walking through the steps to buy stocks. It also features a segment about of Liza helping a kid learn about using Paint. The final…

2711-The Computer Chronicles, Nightline, etc.


Includes a 5-minute ad for Boeing Computer Services Company (© 1980) telecourse "Making It Count"; an episode of The Computer Chronicles (© 1981)…

2712-Hi-8 Tape with Technical Language Reading

hi 8.jpg

A gentleman reads an article from a technical bulletin. The article was published by the Los Alamos Lab in NM. There is mention at one point in the…

2713-Research: Keyboard Testing

max side.jpg

Liza playing the keyboard briefly then introduces a boy named Jonah who continues to play and listen to the keyboard for the remainder of the video…