This website is a virtual exhibition that focuses on the study of early computing in education, primarily in the 1980s. It is part of a larger project called the History of Computing in Learning and Education, which is under the direction of Liza Loop of the LO*OP Center in California. The HCLE’s stated mission is to preserve and interpret documents, artifacts and stories relating to the history of computing in learning and education; to make them accessible and usable by educational and computer leaders, historians, practitioners and the public.

The materials in the Liza Loop Collection cover the early use of microcomputer literacy and its use in education, as well as the various views on children using computers and the future role of technology.

Explore Videos from the Liza Loop Collection

The Liza Loop Collection consists of videos, digital files, and programs that were either created or collected by Liza Loop in her role as co-founder of the LO*OP Center in Menlo Park, California. The LO*OP Center, or Learning Options*Open Portal, was founded in 1975 with the purpose ofintegrating cultural diversity and appropriate technology into local communities.” The collection includes original instructional videos and events, news coverage, and documentary materials about the computer learning and education movement.

This portion of the HCLE Project was a collaboration with Summer 2015 Projects in Digital Archives class at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. Using materials provided by Liza Loop, we created this website. For information, contact the HCLE Project at, or the site's creators at

To learn more about the LO*OP Center and the History of Computing in Learning and Education (HCLE) Virtual Museum, visit the HCLE Project Wiki.